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About Carver Career Center's Accreditation

Schools and districts benefit from accreditation through objective peer review, attainment of high standards, and engagement in continuous improvement. Through accreditation, schools and districts receive an external mark of quality; become part of an international network of 27,000 schools and districts; and gain access to a wide range of resources, professional development, and tools to assist them with continuous improvement. Perhaps more importantly, students benefit from accreditation because, through the accreditation process, their school or district has committed to raising student performance and will be held accountable for improving student learning on a continual basis.

Carver Career & Technical Education Center is accredited under COE.

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The Vision of Carver Career Center

We envision Carver Career and Technical Education Center as a school with a physical facility well-equipped and organized to promote learning; with a staff committed to students and the learning process; that offers programs that are meaningful to the world of work; that recruits students who are willing to learn, are active in the learning process, are proficient in the basic skills, and are well-trained and prepared for job placement; that graduates students who are successful, in demand, well-trained, and employable; that maintains its status as a leader in technological training by meeting and exceeding industry standards; and that ensures that the Carver community, those with a vested interest in Carver's programs, is represented, supportive and involved.

Adult Courses

It's not that you don't have the time, rather, it's you don't have the time to waste anymore... more

The Mission of Carver Career Center

The mission of Carver Career and Technical Education Center is to provide certificate and short term education programs designed to prepare secondary students from Kanawha County and adult students from Kanawha and surrounding counties for employment, career advancement, and/or continued education and to assist employers in meeting their employment and training needs..