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HVAC Technology | Simulated Workplace

Become part of an Industry in demand career for an established Air Conditioning or Refrigeration Company! This program teaches how to operate, manage, install and service HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration) equipment. As an HVAC license is required to for any technician who are involved in handling or purchasing refrigerants, students are motivated to complete the program and acquire additional school training in installation services. The US Environmental Protection Agency Exam covers three areas covered in the course, Servicing Small Appliances, Low Pressure Refrigerants and High Pressure Refrigerants.

Our adult and secondary HVAC programs are designed to teach the basic elements of HVAC/R to help enable one to function in an entry-level position in the field. Our HVAC program involves a variety of learning experiences from classroom lectures to an extensive "hands-on" learning environment.

The HVAC Program will be a WVDE Simulated WorkPlace phase 2 pilot course beginning Fall of 2014. Students will learn the inner workings of a company by developing a policies and procedures manual detailing expectations and work processes, setting work quotas, establishing attendance point systems, and creating an employee evaluation policy. For more information visit: and click the Simulated Workplace icon in the left hand column.

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Important Information on Cost, Financing and Success Rates

The class schedule and information are found below.

Instructors: Kenneth (Buddy) Burns (Adult) & Mark Postle (Secondary)

Prerequisites: High School Diploma/GED (Adult)

Weekly Schedule: Evenings (Adults) Monday - Friday 8:00 am to 2:20 pm (High School)